Tuesday, February 16, 2016

House Fire? No Problem!

By Michael Panster

House fires are incredibly debilitating. As many industry experts know, they can entail a financial loss, frustration, and stress. For this reason, it's unsurprising to note that many homeowners who find themselves dealing with a house fire become anxious. However, it's important to know that attaining professional fire damage restoration services can empower you to restore your property and emotional equilibrium with lightning speed. Read on to learn how fire damage restoration contractors can help you accomplish these important objectives with lightning speed: 

The Assessment
The property assessment is the first thing a fire damage contractor will do upon coming to your home. This evaluation is immensely significant because it enables the specialist to determine the extent of your damages. Once the assessment is made, the contractor will know what equipment to use for the restoration process as well as how long the remediation project will take to complete. The assessment will also enable the specialist to determine whether it will be safe for you to reenter the property. 

Cleanup, Repair, And Restoration Work
Once the assessment is finished, the contractors will begin the remediation process. This process will involve thorough cleaning, repair, and restoration work. Typically, the specialists will start by thoroughly drying out any remaining moisture on the property. This step is important because it reduces the likelihood of mold growth in your residential space. Industry experts will also use specialized equipment to remove any ash, soot, or standing water from your property. Any flooring subjected to water or fire damage will also be removed. Additionally, the fire damage restoration experts will inspect your property's structure and make repairs to any materials requiring it. 

Why You Should Never Complete The Restoration Process On Your Own
In many cases, residential property owners realize that their home has been impacted by fire damage and want to start the remediation process on their own. Never do this. DIY projects are dangerous given that most homeowners are unaware of hidden areas of damage. When these hidden regions of the property are not remediated properly, they can result in your exposure to various health and safety hazards that compromise your mental and physical well-being. 

Call SERVRPO of Ft. Lauderdale South Now
Although dealing with fire damage can be strenuous, it doesn't have to be. To make the process easy and seamless, call the professionals of SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South. Our IICRC-certified technicians possess the extensive education, experience, and expertise necessary to expedite and optimize each component of the restoration project. We're ready to help you immediately, so call us today at (954) 776-2000.